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Facebook Groups

Marketplace BJD du Québec
Fan des BJD au Québec


Materiel Celeste (FRA)
La Passion des BJD (FRA)
Anthro Addicts (ANG) inactif
Den of Angels (ANG)
HugeDoll (FRA)
Kitsune’s Crossing (ANG) inactif
Army of Moe (FRA)


BJD Collectasy (ANG)
Comparison Heaven (ANG)

Photo Galleries

Fan des BJD au QC (Flickr)



Anasthasia Workshop
La compagnie des Radis

Since the website had to be renewed and the lack of interest with the website I decided it would be best to make it smaller. In the next weeks the website will go back to being a 1-2 page website. Thank you for coming over and hopefully will see you during events in Quebec!